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Danone's Culture of Change with IESE

Danone empowers locally-led expansion in emerging markets. Join IEDP as it takes a detailed, deep dive into Danone’s Culture Change program with IESE in this issue of Developing Leaders Extra

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IEDP releases a series of in-depth supplements between the quarterly publication of Developing Leaders – focusing specifically on the fertile ground of custom corporate engagements. This issue, ‘New Gen Leaders – Danone’s Culture of Change with IESE’ is available for free download by completing the form linked below under Download Resource.

As Danone looks to fortify and expand its activities into emerging markets, which often have varying business practices and ethics, protecting the integrity of the Danone Culture becomes about protecting the brand identity of one of France’s most valued corporate treasures.

The question for Danone was how to empower locally-led expansion, both successfully and ethically, capture market share, and avoid the kind of reputation-tarnishing SNAFUs which continue to tarnish the company’s rivals.

To meet the company´s goals, Danone placed its bet on people development, seeking to create the next generation of leaders with a deeper understanding of the current business environment and strong leadership skills.

Join IEDP as it takes a detailed, deep dive into Danone’s Culture Change program with IESE.

Here are some of the key angles inside:

  • "The overarching aim was simple: to develop leadership and management competencies in order to contribute to business growth in line with the Danone Culture."
  • "For a company with an eye on business expansion the content focused on how best to go about leveraging diversity rather than stifling it."
  • "There is also a stream of deeper meditation running through the program, instilled through exposure to the MySociety model and its focus on corporate social responsibility.

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