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Podcast: Get the Most from Your Newest Team Members

Onboarding advice for organizations big and small from Col. Brian Halloran and Troy Henikoff of Kellogg School of Management

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Onboarding advice for organizations big and small - a podcast with insights from Col. Brian Halloran and Troy Henikoff of Kellogg School of Management. This podcast addresses onboarding considerations from the very large, and very old (the U.S. Army), right the way down the small (but perfectly formed), and brand new - the start-up. What's universal, and what's unique - and how can you adapt your onboarding process to get the most from your new employees.

"Most people understand the importance of a good first impression. So on our first day with a new company, we arrive early. Maybe we overdress. We know that starting out strong will make it easier to succeed in the long run. But when it comes to achieving success, the onus is not only on the recent hire. Companies need to set the stage for their employees to hit the ground running."

In this podcast from Kellogg School of Managment you will hear from Kellogg’s U.S. Army Chief of Staff Senior Fellow - Brian Halloran - about how the Army handles a high rate of transition on a personal level, as well as a Kellogg School lecturer and entrepreneur - Troy Henikoff, Managing Director of TechStars Chicago and Math Venture Partners, who looks at onboarding in younger, leaner organizations— such as startups, experiencing explosive growth.

>> You can listen to the podcast here [12 mins 48 secs] or read the transcript in full - click here <<

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