Rotman's Data Literacy Program

Course Dates:
24/04/2017 To 26/04/2017

CAD $ 3950

Language of Instruction:

Data literacy is no longer a luxury.  It is a must, just like financial literacy, and is the critical link that allows data and analytics to be translated into actionable insights that are relevant to key organizational decisions.

Mara Lederman 
Associate Professor, Strategic Management

The business world is in the midst of a data revolution. Technology is reducing the cost of collecting, storing and analyzing data while human activity – both economic and social – is moving online, leaving digital footprints of things previously impossible to observe or measure. As a result, organizations have access to more data than ever before.

In response to the data revolution, organizations are investing in new technologies AND new types of people.  They are hiring analysts, data scientists and, in some cases, creating a Chief Data Officer. Yet, as a consumer of data analytics and a decision maker, you require more than just data and data experts–you need a critical level of data literacy.

Rotman's Data Literacy Program will equip you with a foundation in data literacy that will help you to understand, interpret and ultimately influence the types, quality and usefulness of the data analysis being carried out within your team or organization.

Through discussions, case studies and real-time examples you will develop a common language of data, and will be introduced to the main toolkit of data analysis. You'll be exposed to the three types of data analysis in modern organizations: descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, and most importantly, prescriptive analysis. In developing a solid understanding of the goals and limitations of each type of analysis, you will be able to leverage the data assets of your organization.



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