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Harvard Business School Executive Education programs strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations.

Harvard Business School Executive Education

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Harvard Business School Executive Education programs strengthen the leadership capacity of individuals and their organizations. The School's learning model immerses the world's most promising managers in a transformational experience that fosters professional, intellectual, and personal development. Every program challenges executives to think and manage more effectively in a changing business world.


Every HBS Executive Education experience is shaped by the School's cross-functional approach to general management, innovative teaching methodologies, and residential learning environment that promotes teamwork and collaboration. Participants are exposed to an in-depth education that goes beyond frameworks and theories—and prepares them to leverage their enhanced leadership capacity to build sustainable advantage for their companies.

Case Method

Pioneered by HBS, the case method is employed as the most effective tool to teach general management and leadership. Case studies offer multiple levels of learning, compelling participants to identify relevant issues and to apply practical business lessons to their own situations and companies. In addition to gaining valuable insight by interacting with others who lend different viewpoints, Executive Education participants benefit from an added dimension that no other business school can offer—the opportunity to be taught by many of the faculty who wrote the cases and have personal knowledge of the problems and solutions presented.


While the School’s hallmark case method is the foundation of the teaching approach, Executive Education programs also maximize learning through a carefully structured, integrated mix of lectures, small-group discussions, presentations, and team-building exercises. Every facet of the programs—from participant selection…to amphitheater classroom seating…to discussion group design…to social activities—is structured purposefully to promote dynamic interchange and shared learning among equally accomplished peers from diverse companies, industries, and countries. To reinforce the School's extraordinary sense of community, Executive Education participants live on campus in single, private rooms arranged around a common area, providing ready access to colleagues and fostering peer-to-peer engagement. 

Actionable Learning

Executive Education programs are designed as intensive, interactive opportunities for participants to explore timely business issues and to shape innovative ideas into real-world solutions. Most important, the curricula emphasize implementation strategies, which enable participants to apply the concepts and practices upon returning to their organizations. When appropriate, other value-adding learning componenets—including hands-on exercises, business simulations, personal and organizational assessments, CD-ROM resources, special training sessions, and follow-on projects with the faculty—al are incorporated to facilitate implementation. 


Totally integrated into the academic, living, and social experience, technology plays a major role in the learning process by equipping managers with hands-on tools that facilitate in-depth exploration, as well as communication and collaboration among the participants and faculty. Computer simulations, webcasts, videoconferencing, videos, and other interactive multimedia add a real-life dimension to the classroom sessions. Each participant's room has a personal computer with the latest software, Internet connection, and email application. Program intranet sites also promote learning by providing easy links to class schedules, assignments, teaching materials, participant and faculty biographies, and more. The result is an on-campus environment that is powerfully enriched by shared resources and learning.




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Each year, Harvard Business School (HBS) Executive Education develops and delivers more than 50 custom programs for clients around the world, changing the future of more than 4,000 participating executives and their organizations. These powerful learning experiences help executives forge strong bonds across functions and borders, a shared vision and vocabulary, and an exceptional level of inspiration and momentum.

Our custom programs help organizations build leaders who have the strategic skills and global vision to tackle complex issues—from change management to cross-border collaboration to competitive advantage to strategy development and beyond. By bringing together groups of executives for a highly tailored learning experience, you can boost the capabilities of your organization, achieve new levels of alignment and synergy, and set the stage for improving performance across the organization.

In addition to our custom programs serving the needs of companies, we also partner with industry associations to provide executive education programs tailored to the needs of their members.

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