The Director As Strategic Leader - Program Overview


The Director As Strategic Leader

Course Dates:
08/05/2022 To 13/05/2022

GBP £ 8575

Language of Instruction:

The Director as Strategic Leader programme provides you with knowledge and techniques to determine a clear, strategic direction for your organisation and implement strategic actions.

It will help you better understand the corporate dynamics of top management teams and allow you to constructively reflect on your personal approach to leadership. 

What you will learn

  • A set of implementable initiatives which progress both your organisation’s strategic development and your personal leadership agendas
  • Insights into strategic thinking and associated techniques to address the questions that keep leaders awake at night
  • Greater appreciation of the big picture issues and how to address them effectively
  • Opportunity to reflect on your own challenges as a leader and how you can exercise strategic leadership within your organisation.

Core content

  • Strategic thinking at a corporate level
  • Gaining and sustaining competitive advantage
  • Identifying your organisation’s development needs
  • Strategic leadership in the private, public and not-for-profit context
  • Navigating due diligence, corporate finance, private equity, corporate governance and the market for corporate control
  • Assessing the systemic nature of strategic interventions and the management of change
  • Understanding the nature of authority and power in strategic leadership
  • Your leadership journey: how it shapes you and how you can shape it.

Cranfield School of Management

Tel : 01234 754500



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