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IEDP has been reporting on the global executive development sector for the past fifteen years.

By promoting the latest research, thought-leadership, and executive programs being delivered by the world’s premier business schools and other providers, we seek to improve the performance and expand the learning horizons for our international corporate audience; while furthering the reach and impact of the sector as a whole.

IEDP offers independent and objective support for executives and organizations, including:

Articles: regular high-quality editorial articles which report on an and analyse the latest developments from around the executive development sector globally.

Resources: white papers, reports, e-books, podcasts, webinars, videos and other free-to-access resources available from the world’s top business schools.

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Benefit from IEDP's fifteen year involvement with leadership development

Open programs: Find the right open enrolment program for you or your colleagues with our powerful program finder tool. 

Provider profiles: Concise profiles of the leading providers of executive development around the world.

Corporate practice: In-depth analysis of exemplary custom programs and corporate/business school engagements.

Developing Leaders magazine:  The respected leadership development quarterly – bringing together world-class professors, consultants, and senior leaders to comment on latest advances in the sector.

Advisory and Events: Objective advice is available to organizations seeking to navigate the global leadership development sector. IEDP also hosts events, both physical and online (meet-the-expert lunches, summits and webinars).

In offering the web's largest collection of resources, information and analysis on executive development, IEDP aims to help improve leadership and organizational performance.

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