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5 Keys to Unlock Innovation [WEBINAR]

Watch our recent webinar with LBS’s John Dore to discover how to maximise your organization’s innovation potential


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In a major survey on Innovation, Deloitte found that 96% of respondents consider innovation to be among the top five strategic priorities, with more than a fifth of companies classifying innovation as a top priority.

In this webinar John Dore explains five essential keys to successful innovation and offer a simple framework to help you to set up collaborative experiments and tangibly re-ignite innovation in your organization.  

Not surprisingly, encouraging a culture of innovation, is often a key objective when organizations seek to develop their leaders and high-performing talent.  London Business School has worked for over a decade with numerous executive cohorts around the world to spark innovation, surfacing exciting new ideas and exploring these through a process of Experimentation.  

In this webinar, we look at the processes and ways of thinking that you can employ to maximise your organization's innovation potential, focusing on:

  • The five keys to successfully unlocking innovation
  • Why some environments embrace new experiments and others do not
  • Designing experiments that excite and engage
  • How to capture and syndicate the learning

About John Dore:
John Dore is the Custom Programme Director at LBS. He designs, develops and delivers high-impact learning programmes for world leading companies, and contributes to the School's open-enrolment Market Driving Strategies and Decision-Making Strategies for Leaders programmes.

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