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Choosing a Leadership Learning Method

Webinar recording: CCL experts compare research-based leadership development methods—to help you choose the right fit for your leaders and organization


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In 2023, learning and development professionals across the globe expect to continually take on the headwinds of change and uncertainly. The ever-evolving hybrid workplace—with some working in-person, others working remotely, and still others in a combination of the two—brings new challenges, as well as opportunities, for both individuals and organizations.

And what about leader development? How do organizations decide between in person training vs. online training for leaders? And what about synchronous vs. asynchronous options and individual coaching or group coaching needs? The choices for development modalities can feel overwhelming.

Research shows that effective leadership development targets a leader’s specific challenges and strengths. To sustain lasting behaviour change and learning transfer, learners need personalized attention, actionable feedback, tangible and engaging learning experiences, along with ongoing support. It’s also essential to consider the leader as a whole person, both in their leadership journey and their responsibilities outside of work. 

While every delivery modality has its strengths, one may be a better fit at different times, depending upon the specific needs and situation of each leader. 

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar, we explore the multiple options available for leader development and the benefits and challenges that each present. Hear from leadership experts about the considerations for different learning modalities: in-person, online (synchronous vs. asynchronous), individual coaching or group coaching. You’ll discover how the ideal training delivery method might shift over the course of a leader’s career journey. Key takeaways include:

  • The benefits and advantages of in-person and online training for leadership development, within the context of lifelong learning (not microlessons).
  • How human-centered development experiences can be translated for online delivery modalities to target the specific challenges faced at every leader level.
  • How individualized coaching can build on a programme experience to impact sustainable behaviour change. 

About the speakers:

Samir Mehta

Samir Mehta, Director, Technology-Driven Learning
Samir works with various groups at CCL to ensure that digital learning products and blended learning solutions are designed and delivered seamlessly for our clients. He enjoys designing learning journeys for sophisticated, discerning professionals that are truly immersive and blended. Samir received his Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Pune in India. He has an M.B.A. from the Indian School of Business. 

Kathryn Kernick

Kathryn Kernick, Director of Coaching, Europe
Kathryn leads CCL’s coaching business across Europe, having previously held General Management, Client Advisory, and Engagement Director roles. She brings 20+ years’ experience of partnering with organizations globally to address critical leadership challenges and is passionate about transforming individuals, teams, and organizations.



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