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How Continual Learning Builds Careers

Find out how continual learning benefits the organization as a whole and individual careers in this short video

Thursday 04 February 2016


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Promoting continual learning builds sustainability and fosters growth both for the organization as a whole and for the individual careers of its people, both as employees and as they move on.

In this short video Michigan Ross Professor Scott DeRue shows why continuous learning is key to career success in a fast changing volatile world, where so many people can suddenly find themselves off their expected career path.

He explains how, while aiming to achieve success in our current jobs, we should set development goals and create the space and time in our lives to never stop learning.  

Corporate cliches are for yesterday’s business. Today's business calls for a new kind of leadership, one that sees beyond yesterday’s cliches and creates meaningful change, the kind of change that yields long-term, sustainable results.

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