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Values, Spirituality and Organizational Culture

The Challenges of Leadership in Tomorrowland - A long read by Simon L. Dolan of ESADE Business School

Thursday 01 October 2015


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This long read first appeared in issue 21 of Developing Leaders Quarterly magazine, October 2015.

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What's Inside?

Key quote 1: "In the past, progress was primarily measured by the ability of a person, organization, or society to become bigger, richer, or faster, which translated into the accumulation of economic value. This addiction to growth, however, has become unsustainable for humanity, our socioeconomic systems, and even the survival of our planet." - Simon L. Dolan is Future of Work Chair, ESADE Business School and Professor of People Management at ESADE Business School, Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain.

Key quote 2: "Talking about spirituality and leadership is risky. Business leaders today are usually judged by their results and their ability to create wealth, not by their sense of spirituality and how it has influenced, or led to, those results. However, leadership and even the practice of business itself always entail risk."

Example illustration from the article:

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