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Providing Ethical Clarity to Your AI Business Decisions

Watch back our virtual Q&A with Dr. Monica Lopez-Gonzalez for some much-needed clarity around this critical challenge.


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Business leaders across the spectrum are convinced of the urgent need for a strong ethical compass when it comes to AI in business. But how do we keep these debates from becoming too vague; more philosophical than strategic?

About the session

At this point, we have all mentally wrangled with the classic driverless car “trolley problems”, and pondered on some level the existential angst of a possible Skynet-style destructive superintelligence.

Here and now, business leaders are faced with decisions wrought with near-term ethical weight – which are only growing in volume and urgency. Decisions related to:

  • The challenge of discrimination and biases in AI;
  • Automation, unemployment, and inequality;
  • Privacy, surveillance, and security;
  • Benchmarking safety standards;
  • Transparency and accountability;
  • Algorithms in healthcare and pharmaceuticals;
  • Ethical hiring and procurement;
  • Creativity, originality, and the culture value chain;
  • …and not least, the huge environmental impact of AI

About the speaker

Monica Lopez-Gonzalez

Monica Lopez-Gonzalez, PhD, is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder and chief executive officer of Cognitive Insights for Artificial Intelligence. Widely known for her human-centered and industry-agnostic approaches to tech and business, Dr. Lopez-Gonzalez is an expert in the science, ethics, and governance of AI and is on the front line of the AI-enabled autonomous systems, healthcare and biotechnology, cybersecurity, and education industries.

A 21st century polymath, Dr. Lopez-Gonzalez is also faculty at Johns Hopkins University with appointments in the Department of Cognitive Science, Krieger School of Arts & Sciences; Department of Computer Science and EP’s Artificial Intelligence Master’s Program, Whiting School of Engineering; Master of Arts in International Relations Program, School of Advanced International Studies; and Department of Neurology, School of Medicine. Her interdisciplinary courses sit at the intersection of artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, design, ethics, entrepreneurship, and public policy.

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