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From Micro-Credentials to Masters

Video recording: Cranfield experts consider how executive learning is being rewired to fit the changing world of work


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The days of steady executive jobs in a predictable world are long gone. Today’s managers and would-be leaders are faced with multiple challenges and opportunities in an uncertain, fast-paced business environment. As the world of work evolves, so too are the needs of executive learners and the kinds of solutions becoming available to them.

In this webinar, two leading educators from Cranfield School of Management examine the concerns and prospects confronting aspirational executives, and show how self-paced, buildable, online business and management education can provide the support and development best suited to today’s working world.

From AI to remote working, multiple disruptions and societal trends are shaping the way we work. To be fit for what the future holds and to meet the evolving requirements of organisations and individuals, executive learning is changing too.

From this webinar you will learn how new forms of ‘lifelong learning’ are addressing the challenges individual executives and their organisations face—challenges such as:

  • The engagement and retention of staff
  • The need for digital skills and digital literacy
  • Agility to foster upskilling, reskilling, and redeployment
  • Employee desire for control, flexibility, and choice
  • Fewer linear career paths and more globally dispersed workforces
  • Need for diversity and inclusion in development and support


About the speakers:

Emma Parry is Professor of Human Resource Management (HRM) at Cranfield School of Management, and Head of the Changing World of Work Group. She is a recognised expert in HRM and plays a leading role in several global research projects in this area. These include Cranet, a worldwide network of over 40 business schools that conducts comparative HRM research, and 5C, a project involving around 30 academic institutions, examining cultural and age differences in attitudes towards careers.

Graham Bell is Director Digital Education at Cranfield School of Management.  He has worked for over 25 years in Higher Education—the last ten in Executive Education—implementing technology solutions. At the onset of the pandemic, Graham took on the responsibly for the School of Management’s digital education strategy and for the digital transformation taking place at the School, helping faculty to create engaging lectures in an online environment.

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