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GE, Crotonville and Susan Peters

Wharton publishes insightful interview with GE's Chief Learning Officer Susan Peters


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The Knowledge @ Wharton newsletter has just published an interview with GE's Chief Learning Officer, Susan Peters. In the article Peters sets out some of the key structures that GE has created for its employee development process. The pulsating centre of the structure is, of course, Crotonville. Crotonville is GE's Corporate University based up the Hudson River from New York City - and was the first corporate university ever,  created in 1956 and now officially called the John F. Welch Leadership Development Center at Crotonville after the legendary GE CEO Jack Welch.

She describes the four main steps that the development programs are built around:

  • "on-demand" e-learning suite of courses that upto 60,000 GE employees participate in each year
  • the 13 "esential skill" programs that are delivered at GE hubs globally, (primarily, Crotonville, Munich, Shanghai and Bangalore)
  • the "cornerstone courses" - week long on campus programs offered to managers in their first decade of managerial responsibility. Around 9000 participants each year
  • and the "team programs" where senior executives and their whole teams come to Crotonville to immerse in a co-ordinated program together.

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