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Leadership Coaching [WEBINAR]

Watch IEDP's webinar with Vanderbilt’s Mark Cannon to strengthen your employees and your organization through effective coaching


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Leadership Coaching with Mark Cannon [WEBINAR] from Ideas for Leaders on Vimeo.

Whether you manage entry-level employees or executives, coaching effectively and building employee skills, to address shortcomings and develop leaders, is one of the most powerful competencies you can develop.

IEDP’s webinar with Vanderbilt’s Professor Mark Cannon is the perfect start-point on your road to becoming an effective workplace coach – beginning with gaining a true understanding of the coaching model and process itself.

In a focused discussion and Q&A with IEDP’s Roddy Millar, here Mark covers ideas and techniques you can apply right away, including:

  • Methods to enhance your leadership capabilities through effective coaching
  • Techniques for providing ongoing, actionable feedback.
  • How coaching can be used to develop, attract and retain talented employees
  • Identifying employees’ key needs, setting goals, and establishing action plans with ongoing assessment
  • Ways to positively motivate employees in ways that improve individual and team performance

About Mark Cannon: Professor Cannon is a seasoned executive coach and is an expert in teaching skills for executive coaching, delivering feedback and handling difficult conversations. He earned a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Harvard Business School, has published books and articles on these topics and taught in George Washington University’s Coaching Certification Program. He has coached or consulted with Nissan, Marriott Corporation, Mars, Vanderbilt University Medical School, Women’s World Banking, Monitor Company, and the U.S. Department of State.

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