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Leading Your Business with Responsibility to People and Planet [Webinar]

Watch this timely discussion on responsibility in business with two distinct faculty voices from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School—with a special focus on leadership, ownership, and banking


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Governance and responsible leadership are burning issues in boardrooms of businesses and financial institutions across the world right now as we ask ourselves—are we stewarding our businesses for the sustainable success of our stakeholders, for the long-term endurance and benefit of our customers, for the communities within which we operate, and our planet?

Watch this webinar recording of a holistic discussion around responsible leadership, ownership, and governance, and the need for responsibility and sustainability to sit at the centre of all our businesses—including family-owned businesses and banks—in order for them to maintain their agility, innovation and adaptability in meeting the ever-changing demands of both customers and stakeholders.

In this focused 30-minute discussion followed by a lively Q&A session you will hear:

  • How exactly responsible leadership can benefit your business—both immediately and in the long-term.
  • Moving beyond customer-centricity to consider the wider stakeholder ecosystem, from employees, to suppliers, regulators, start-ups, the societies that the business operates in and amongst.
  • Lessons to be learned from the enduring long-term success and profitability of certain firms—and family-owned businesses in particular.
  • Banks as responsible businesses and their role in promoting responsibility in financial markets.
  • The broader set of objectives that stakeholder capitalism brings with it, and how the speed of this shift will ultimately be in the control of the financial markets. The choices and decisions of banks, investors and analysts are central to the debate.

About the Speakers:
Bridget Kustin is the Qualitative Lead on The Ownership Project. Bridget directs the Oxford Program on Responsible Ownership, for family businesses. Amir Amel-Zadeh is an Associate Professor who directs the Bank Governance program at Oxford Saïd.

The Saïd Business School is Europe’s fastest growing business school. An integral part of the University of Oxford, it embodies the academic rigour and forward thinking that has made Oxford a world leader in education.

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