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Lifelong Learning and University-based Business Schools

New analysis for executive education leaders - joint research report from AACSB, IEDP, and UNICON


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There has never been a greater need for employers and individuals to upskill and reskill regularly, to help keep pace with fast-changing trends and technologies in the workplace.

A shift towards lifelong learning will require new products, new services, new business models, and new technologies—which means time, effort, and financial investment to get right. To guide and support the necessary strategic thinking required at this important juncture, AACSB, IEDP, and UNICON, have partnered together in an intelligence gathering and knowledge sharing campaign, made available to decision-makers across executive education.

The research includes a deep-dive SWOT analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, presented by this transformative moment for the sector, based on quantitative and qualitative data—with interviews with a range of voices from both the supply and demand sides of executive education.

The hope for this initiative is to provide substantive research for stakeholders in executive education to feed in to their decision-making processes, and ultimately to play a role in improving the impact of executive education—which is a shared goal of AACSB, IEDP, and UNICON.



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