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Extended Reality Check: A Guide to XR’s Business Implications

Webinar recording explores the wide-ranging business applications and implications of AR, VR, Metaverse, and other XR technologies


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See this recorded webinar, where Paul McDonagh-Smith of MIT Sloan Executive Education considers the arrival of extended reality (XR) on today’s business scene – what it means for you, your organization, the wider economy, and society.

Illuminating the, sometimes opaque, world of XR technologies – augmented reality, virtual reality, mixed reality, metaverse, 360 video, and more – this high-value live session focused on the short- and long-term business implications of this wave of burgeoning tech.

The eye-opening, emerging applications of XR in fields such as health, entertainment, and engineering are examined – and in business areas of supply chain, L&D, and collaboration.

XR is considered from a range of business perspectives:

1. An innovation perspective – opportunities around business model innovation, product design and development, and co-creation.
2. An operational and environmental perspective – where XR promises to change how we interact with supply chains, clients, each other, and diverse stakeholders.
3. A strategic perspective – contemplating the asymmetric risk of being an early or late adopter; as well as questions on remote work vs. the physical office space.
4. An organizational perspective – where XR may support flatter structures with higher engagement and productivity.
5. And from a management perspective – where XR poses questions on how we think about work, the way we get work done, the way we communicate and collaborate – and the way we train, upskill & learn.

Paul McDonagh-Smith offers a unique viewpoint on the exciting potential of XR, and a wealth of practical advice on what we can do today to prepare, explore, and participate in this new wave of technology.

About the Speaker
Paul McDonagh-Smith is a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology at the MIT Sloan School of Management. As an early pioneer in Digital Reality, Paul has successfully invented and innovated with Extended Reality (XR) and metaverse technologies across multiple industries for more than 20 years and is Faculty Director on MIT Sloan Executive Education’s, ‘Business Implications of Extended Reality (XR): Harnessing the Value of AR, VR. Metaverse, and More’ program.


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