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From ‘Doing’ Leadership Online, to ‘Being’ an Online Leader: How to Achieve Deeper Learning Levels in the Emerging Reality [Webinar recording]


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In this recent webinar we welcomed Mark Threlfall, Director of Cranfield Executive Development at Cranfield University and Camilla Jonsson, Portfolio Director at Cranfield University, for a virtual session to explore the deeper transformational learning opportunities presented by the emerging reality of online learning and leadership.

The session, hosted by Roddy Millar, revealed how, as online learning and leadership moves beyond knowledge transfer, deeper possibilities for transformational learning are emerging.

The session highlighted different perspectives and insights relevant for senior executives and others around:

  • Extending the definition of value more broadly for society, ecosystems, industry, and individuals.
  • Putting learning at the heart of business to create alignment between society and corporate imperatives.
  • Letting go of what was, and leaning in to a new reality.
  • What are the requirements to create value in this emerging landscape? What are the meta capabilities required? 

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