Women’s Scholarships at ESMT
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Women’s Scholarships at ESMT

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Based on the recognition that better gender balance leads to better results, ESMT Berlin is offering several executive education scholarships to promote women in leadership positions, including one in collaboration with the 30% Club.

Olaf Plötner, Professor and Dean of Executive Education at the prestigious ESMT Berlin, says, “By awarding scholarships for talented women in leadership positions, ESMT Berlin not only supports the number of female executives, but also emphasizes the great significance of diversity for successful companies.”

Applications are now open for these scholarships:

Full scholarships are available for the Executive Transition Program (ETP), delivered in English and valued at EUR 19,900, as well as for the General Management Seminar (GMS), delivered in German and valued at EUR 16,400. Qualified candidates may apply until June 30, 2017. The scholarships are aimed at female executives who think entrepreneurially and, for example, lead a business unit, are responsible for a new product launch, or are involved in international projects. After successful completion of the programs, the participants receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management.

In addition, ESMT is awarding one partial scholarship with a value of EUR 5,000 for the program Bringing Technology to Market (BTM), delivered in English, which takes place in Germany, the US, and China. The partial scholarship for BTM is for women in leadership positions who are responsible for the marketing of products and services on global B2B markets. The application deadline is April 30, 2017.

In cooperation with the 30% Club, ESMT is providing another 50% scholarship for the BTM (application deadline April 30, 2017) and additionally two 50% scholarships for the ETP (application deadline June 30, 2017).  

ESMT program participant, Merryn Scholz, Managing Director, K.I.T. Group, made this comment about her experience on the ETP last year:

"As I grew in my job, I realized that stepping up to general management responsibilities requires learning new things, to lead others in a different way, to initiate and deal with ongoing change, to develop a different mindset - but also to unlearn old behaviours. The Executive Transition Program helped me greatly in developing the knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes to deal with these challenges successfully. It also helped me manage difficult decisions and has helped me create a network of peers and mentors to help challenge the tasks ahead of me.”

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The 30% Club, launched as a campaign in the UK in 2010 with a goal of achieving a minimum of 30% women on FTSE100 boards (currently the figure stands at 26.1% up from 12.5%), is a worldwide initiative for gender equality aiming to increase the number of women in management positions.

“As more women join boards and demonstrate the value they add, the system will become self-perpetuating.” Helena Morrissey, CEO, Newton Investment Management and 30% Cub Founder.

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