About Gachoucha Kretz

Gachoucha Kretz

Gachoucha Kretz holds a PhD from HEC Paris. Upon earning a master’s degree in finance and spending several years as a finance consultant and executive at Arthur Andersen and LVMH, she decided to pursue her career in marketing research and teaching. She earned an MSc. in Communication at CELSA (the French communication “grande école” at La Sorbonne) and an MA in Marketing and Strategy at Université Paris Dauphine before attending the HEC Paris PhD program. She completed her doctoral dissertation under the supervision of Jean-Noël Kapferer and Kristine De Valck. Gachoucha Kretz is an Associate Professor, Marketing, at HEC Paris. She specializes in brand management with a focus on the following areas: digital branding, fashion and luxury brand management and social media marketing and branding. Her latest publications deal with fashion and luxury blogging and its impact on brand management. She is also co-authoring a textbook on luxury brand management to be published by SAGE London. She teaches a wide range of HEC students from Summer School and MSc. to post graduate programs such as MBAs and executive MBAs and transversal audiences such as the Luxury Certificate program.

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