HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations


HR Strategy in Transforming Organisations

Course Dates:
16/11/2020 To 20/11/2020

GBP £ 8900

Language of Instruction:

Align your business strategy with the context you create for your people – then watch your organisation thrive. Leverage culture, increase integration and boost morale. Develop a clear agenda on how you can strengthen employee engagement.

Who is the programme for?
This programme is for senior professionals across the organisation who want to develop their key area, fulfil their own potential and enhance their HR skills to have a greater impact on their organisation.
• HR directors
• Specialist HR advisors
• Leaders of change programmes
• Chief learning officers
• Business unit heads

Programme focus
• Explore Professor Lynda Gratton’s six-step Living Strategy Framework. Create a powerful new vision that puts people at the heart of your organisation.
• State-of-the-art strategies to develop a highly-motivated, engaged and innovative company.
• See how culture and values impact your organisation and implement successful strategies to manage change.
• Get the best out of your people. Maximise human resources by offering greater choice to your employees.
• Why do some organisations buzz with energy, while others don’t? Explore ground-breaking ideas on the future of work.
Key benefits
• Explore theory and practice combined with the latest academic thinking from expert practitioners Lynda Gratton, Tammy Erickson and Dan Cable.
• Discover and leverage our global networks and gain the confidence to work across different cultures and markets.
• Collaborate and network with your peer group, sharing personal experiences and debating the industry’s latest hot topics.
• Return to work and inspire your HR team with the vision and skills to achieve exciting organisational transformation.



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