Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders


Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders

Course Dates:
15/09/2019 To 20/09/2019

GBP £ 8100

Language of Instruction:

Leading Teams for Emerging Leaders empowers you to achieve one of the most critical leadership transitions in your career – delivering results through teams. Fast-track your career development and transform from individual contributor to a high-performing leader.

Transitioning to a role where you’re responsible for teams requires a considerable change in focus. Grounded in academic research, science and evidence, this programme broadens your business skills and behaviours to effectively manage and motivate your team, developing your self-awareness and your impact on others.

Enter a learning laboratory where group work, rich class discussions, coaching, simulations, as well as a guest speaker form a highly interactive and experiential learning environment. We draw on our iconic London location and take you outside the classroom to Silverstone, the home of British Motor Racing (see programme spotlight).

Who is the programme for?

High-potential individuals in, or about to take on, their first management role. You may have some decision-making responsibilities, but limited people management experience. You’ll have 3 to 10 years’ working experience, but fewer than five years of management experience.

Programme focus

■ Develop greater self-awareness by exploring, experimenting and reflecting on your leadership style. Experience failure as part of your learning process and gain insights into decision making and the psychology of influence to achieve success

■ Enhance your social awareness by developing your understanding of team designs and the key elements of team management – motivation, coordination, managing diversity and conflict

■ Learn how to deliver business results through the work of others. Project and action planning provide you with opportunities to put theory into practice


Key benefits

■ Develop leaderships kills and frameworks to transition from individual contributor to manager of others

■ Increase your ability to negotiate and influence both within a team and the social and political landscape of an organisation

■ Deliver results through others for organisational impact

■ Elevate your confidence and anchor your career in the fundamental drivers of performance

■ Practical and strategic thinking exercises empower you to hold your own when working with others

■ Strong bonds are made and ideas are challenged and tested in a safe learning environment

■ One-on-one coaching addresses your personal leadership approach


Programme spotlight

Take on the Pit Stop Challenge delivered by FMCG International and work as a member of a pit crew team. Learn to communicate, collaborate, and coach each other in real time as you change four wheels against the clock on a Formula One car.



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