Strategic Investment Management


Strategic Investment Management

Course Dates:
12/03/2018 To 16/03/2018

USD $ 7300

Language of Instruction:

Managing money is at the heart of this five day learning experience. Whether you are a portfolio manager looking to broaden your perspectives or a trustee seeking to better understand how your money is being managed, take a deep, expansive dive into the asset class universe.

With multiple expert views all in one place, we bring academic and industry leaders together to give you the full investment story. The course looks at macro-economic trends and the investment proposition of assets from fixed income and equities, to alternatives such as commodities, real estate and private equity. Reinforce what you learn with an investment management simulation exclusive to London Business School.


Who is the programme for?

■ Portfolio managers

■ Insurance companies

■ Board members and c-suite executives

■ Private bankers/wealth managers

■ Independent financial advisors

■ Family offices and HNWI

■ Consultants

■ Pension fund and endowment trustees

■ Legal counsel

■ Risk managers

■ Client relationship managers

■ Analysts


Programme focus

■ Global economic influences and macro trends

■ Fixed income and equity investments

■ Alternative asset classes such as private equity, commodities and real estate

■ Long-term versus short-term investing

■ Credit risk management

■ Strategic asset allocation

■ Portfolio optimisation

■ Benchmarking (passive and active investing)

■ Providing investment rationale


Key benefits

■ Maximise your returns, minimise your risks and make shrewd decisions

 Experts – multiple faculty members renowned for their specialisms as well as guest speakers working in the world of investment management today – guide you through the investment management process

 Reinforce what you learn through a group simulation designed exclusively for London Business School



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