Leadership Impact through Innovation


Leadership Impact through Innovation

Course Dates:
13/05/2019 To 17/05/2019

USD $ 9950

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Expand your capability and capacity to see innovative options as well as your ability to teach others to think innovatively. Innovative leadership impact comes from previously untapped creativity to go beyond the obvious or "we tried that" solution. The most respected companies in the world have created cultures of innovative thinking from the plant floor to the board room. In this program you will learn design-thinking frameworks in a live simulation that taps into your creativity and changes the way you think in ways previously unimagined. You will apply these frameworks with fellow leaders from diverse, global backgrounds so that when you take them back to teach your team, you'll do so with confidence, conviction, and commitment to creating a culture of innovation where everyone enthusiastically contributes. Widening the scope of who contributes to design conversations adds rich diversity of perspective based on unique life and business experiences. This program offers evidence- based strategies for effectively leading teams to creative and innovative solution ideas. These are quickly vetted with the best ideas being tested promptly so that learning happens more quickly and the opportunity for business impact is accelerated.

Consider sending a team of leaders to allow your entire enterprise the opportunity to craft winning solutions that specifically address your unique business challenges and uncover new opportunities.


Michigan Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Tel : +1 734 763 1000



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