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Explore vs. Exploit for Renewal and Recovery

Oxford Saïd’s Prof Marc Ventresca, looks to strategic innovation to re-imagine the firm—and the economy—re-balancing exploration and exploitation


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View this recent webinar in which Saïd Business School’s economic sociologist and strategic innovation thought-leader, Marc Ventresca, explores the interlinked agendas of strategy and innovation, how they are changing in these times of the pandemic as firms shift from competition to collaboration—and how the ‘explore-exploit’ ratio is key to organizations recognizing and building on possible futures.

This webinar builds on the key strategic concept of ‘explore and exploit’—that is how much of an organization’s assets, resources and attention should be deployed towards ‘today’—making money, finding efficiencies, and operational agility—and how much towards ‘tomorrow’—discovering, prototyping, and building possible futures.

This concept, so central to the twin debates of strategy and innovation, will be discussed in the context of our current global pandemic situation, and the longer-term challenges of economic renewal and recovery that come next.

Senior executives and others will:

Learn how and why to engage that ‘Exploit/Explore’ conversation directly, to restart key transformation.

  • Recognize why ‘digital’ is always an enabler, but not the focus or driver of sustainable transformation.
  • Consider how questions around purpose as a strategy argument can accelerate the fundamentals of business innovation.
  • Hear and develop a perspective on the changing agenda of innovation, in both the present of the pandemic, and towards the future of economic renewal and recovery. 

About the Speaker

Marc Ventresca is an economic sociologist in the Strategy, Innovation and Marketing Faculty at Saïd Business School and a Governing Body Fellow of Wolfson College.

Marc's areas of expertise include market and network formation, entrepreneurship, governance, and innovation and technology strategy.

His research and teaching focus on the formation of markets and networks in business and social settings. Specifically, he researches how markets are built and the actors who build them. He is also an expert in the areas of governance, innovation and technology and how they interact with markets and networks.

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