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Family Enterprise Success and Survival

Watch as MIT’s John Davis delivers this high-level webinar with IEDP and learn a new formula for the long-term survival and success of family enterprises


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Family enterprise survival is getting harder, not easier. Previous generations of families in business experienced numerous challenges and periodic disruptive events, but also benefited from greater stability in business models, greater organizational loyalty from customers, and other advantages of earlier eras. On balance, it was easier to survive as a family business in earlier times.

The challenges facing family companies today are significant, and the traditional advantages are fewer. Family enterprises still have certain advantages, but long-term success now requires that families be even stronger and better-prepared to make important choices needed to be true champions of long-term survival.

How can family-owned enterprises endure for generations in a sustainable manner in today’s disruptive environment?

Watch the webinar now...

There are specific activities that a family-owned enterprise needs to be good at to survive and prosper today. The long-term success and survival of an enterprising family depends on doing these activities consistently well.

In this webinar, renowned academic and shaper of the family enterprise field, MIT Sloan Professor John Davis speaks with IEDP’s Roddy Millar to reveal and dissect some of the key ingredients required today for the long-term survival and success of a family enterprise.

Family enterprises have a much better chance to be sustained over generations if they adopt the practices and build the resources required of this new formula for long-term success.

Watch a true thought-leader in the field of family enterprise in this webinar as we discuss:

  • What are the specific activities that a family-owned enterprise needs to be good at to survive and prosper? Are they the same today as they were yesterday?
  • Are the competitive advantages that family enterprises have traditionally held still relevant today?
  • How do families need to update their formula for long-term success in today’s disruptive environment?

About the Speaker

John A. Davis is a Senior Lecturer in the Family Enterprise Executive Programs at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is a globally recognized pioneer and authority on issues related to the family enterprise, family wealth, and the family office. Since the 1970s, he has been a leading researcher, professor, author, advisor, and speaker on family enterprise, and is the creator of some of the field’s most impactful conceptual frameworks. His insights help to develop leaders, strengthen families, professionalize businesses and family offices, grow shareholder value, and pass sustainable enterprises to the next generation. Read the full Faculty Bio Here.

MIT Sloan is uniquely positioned at the intersection of technology and business practice, and participants in our programs gain access to MIT’s distinctive blend of intellectual capital and practical, hands-on learning.



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