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Leading an AI Boosted Business

In this recorded webinar, Georgetown University’s Professor Jose-Luis Guerrero explains how the nature of leadership and employment will be changed by greater use of AI in workplaces


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The current COVID-19 crisis and the inevitable economic turbulence to follow will set extraordinary challenges for business leaders―both in managing the unpredictable day-to-day and in rethinking strategies for future growth and sustainability.

With this will come an unparalleled opportunity to develop strategies that take full advantage of the new tools presented by AI—data analytics, machine learning, robotics, blockchain, etc. 

In this interactive webinar Professor Jose-Luis Guerrero shows how AI can provide an opportunity, after the crisis, not to return to business as usual but for a new normal that integrates AI effectively into operational processes and he discusses the impact that will have for leadership and employment.

Viewing the webinar participants you will:

  • Gain a realistic understanding of AI and how it can contribute to economic growth
  • Consider how to train humans and machines to work together to boost efficiency?
  • Learn about the skills people need to compete against/work with machines?
  • Understand the impact of AI and the COVID-19 pandemic

About the speaker

Jose-Luis Guerrero is an associate professor of management at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Hailing from Argentina, where he studied Statistics and Economics, he completed his Masters at the University of Illinois in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering before joining the Georgetown faculty in 1999. He speaks seven languages and his areas of research cover Big Data; Business Intelligence; Data Mining and Small Data; Process Improvement and Process Detection of Anomalies; Education Benchmarking improvements; Digital and Economic Inclusion.


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