Sales Management for Growing Businesses


Sales Management for Growing Businesses

Course Dates:
23/11/2023 To 15/01/2024

GBP £ 2200

Language of Instruction:

Sales Management for Growing Businesses (formerly known as 'Sales Essentials for Success') gives you the tools to build and create a sales function that is strategically directed and controlled.

Understand how you can successfully grow your business and sales profitability, apply new insights and build, manage and motivate your own team
Determine what the optimal sales force looks like for your business, both now and in the future
Gain a practical guide to holding sales meetings, quarterly business reviews and appraising your sales staff
Increased understanding of your customer or client base and how to maximise sales through focussing on key accounts, rising stars and ideal customers
Improved reliability and consistency of your sales forecasts through understanding your sales pipeline and improved qualification
A sales budget and plan for your business for the following 12 months, a “who, what and when” sales action plan
KPI’s to help you know if you are having a good sales day and creating an actionable plan to ensure sales success
Learn to recruit excellent sales people, avoid recruiting ineffective sales people ever again
How to set targets, incentivise your sales people with straight forward commission, bonus and on target earning schemes
A sales action plan for you and your business

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