Accelerating Leadership Power Programme - Program Overview


Accelerating Leadership Power Programme

Course Dates:
26/03/2019 To 28/03/2019

GBP £ 3920

Language of Instruction:

Cranfield's Accelerating Leadership Power Programme builds on a revolutionary approach to bring you new insight on what it means to lead an organisation and the people within it.

This programme combines reflection, problem solving and experiential learning. By joining this programme you are gaining direct access to the approaches, tools and philosophy that will unlock the powerful sources of extraordinary performance hidden in plain sight within your own organisation.

What you will learn

We will help you build upon your existing expertise and develop into the complete leader.

You will:

  • Learn how to redefine yourself to be an even more impactful leader
  • More powerful insight into the complex challenges facing your organisation
  • Uncover the hidden strengths within your organisation allowing you to realise new ways of thinking, not just new ideas
  • Reboot your current thinking on leadership by systematically redefining your personal philosophy of leadership
  • Cultivate enhanced leadership capability to reveal the best in people
  • Develop a sustainable thinking platform that delivers sustained peak performance from colleagues, teams and the entire organisation.

Core content

Dynamic forces hidden in your organisation and introduction to Breakout Thinking

  • How and why leadership effectiveness is inhibited by fundamental misunderstandings of what an organisation is
  • How to use the richness of your organisation to make the difference in people's lives, accelerating engagement and performance
  • Learn the tools to quickly diagnose any organisation and learn how it works
  • Distinguish the types of actions that truly constitute organisational leadership.

Personal Exploration of Own Leadership Perspective

  • Embracing our own perspectives as well as others
  • Understanding language as a catalyst for transformation of self and others
  • Develop and embrace innovative, artistic and creative forces to gain advantage.

Action Planning

  • Link your leadership to your organisational strategy to deliver the most impactful results
  • Carve out your own leadership journey
  • Plan how you will use sustainable thinking, ethics and integrity to achieve heightened productivity from yourself and others.

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